Kids’ clothes washing solution

Babies are a huge blessing with lots of pleasant cares. Feeding, baby care, walks, and, of course, kids’ clothes washing. Washing may seem routine, but baby’s health depends on the choice of solution, since the allergies frequently develop as the response to some component of the solution in use.

Our experts have taken into account all the details and developed a product line which is safe for babies.

There are three types of product in the line: Liquid washing solution based on potassium soap «Hypoallergenic», Enhanced formula for persistent stains, For daily washing.

The solution is intended for manual washing, as well as washing in washing machines at different temperature modes (30-90°C). Quickly and effectively eliminates typical contaminations.

The solution immediately dissolves in water and completely removes itself from the tissue fibres on washing up. Soft formula does not destroy tissue structure and prolongates clothes’ service.

Has a pleasant light aroma

1 liter of the solution = 20 washings.