About company


Date of foundation:
19th October 1994

Production of hair and body care products, household chemicals, toothpastes.

Number of employees: 250 persons

Premises area: 1,2 ha

Site of office area: 7147 sqm

Characteristics of Company:

Company started its activity in 1994 with production of small lots of shampoos according to  traditional Bulgarian formulation. Nowadays, "Pirana" is one of the biggest producers of shampoos as well as other hair care products, household chemicals. Company's activities provide Ukrainians with products of good quality and by moderate prices.

The quality of  "Pirana"  products proved an old true saying:  "cheap things do not mean bad things". Many products of the company are highly competitive and excel most popular national and global brands.

Range of conpany products numbers more than 200 items.  Also new,  appropriate  to market demands and future consumer products are constantly being developed. The quality of products in production is being continuously improved. There is closed-circuit operation at our factory: starting with formulation development and test procedures to the consignment period through developed distributors network.

Process of  production combines up-to-date engineering capabilities, recent developments and pollution-free  raw materials usage. Each active ingredient is used in stricly designated dosages. All the end  products are subject of strong toxicological evaluation in dedicated institutions of Ukrainian Ministry of Health as well as thorough laboratory inspection to prove high quality and safety of the products.