"Pirana"  is a big enterprise with manufacturing capabilities and cloced-circuit operation.

Eath product manufactured at our factory starts its life at Laboratory, where Product Engineers perform testing before the production flow begins. Meanwhile Design Bureau develops packing exterior and labels for the new product. Later, when product passed quality approval and correspondent certificate is issued, it can be put into mass production. From that moment Production Department starts its operation.

For example, shampoos productions includes several stages.

At the first stage a thorough quality control of raw materials is completed. After that, integral components of shampoos are being dissolved in water at specially mixer which is made of high-quality food grade stainless steel and equipped with high-performance circulator.

Water is one of the most important components in shampoos and detergents, that is why automatic water-purification system that clears water from suspensions, hardness salts, iron, heavy metals  is set at the factory. Water is additionally treated with highly effective bacteriological purification that prevents products in production from microbial contamination.

Besides main raw materials products contain also useful additives that provide additional features to the end products such as conditioning effect, protective property etc.

End products are subject to the strong control provided by analytical laboratory. After that end product is filled in consumer packing, produced at the factory as well, by means of automatic filling mashing or manual filling. Each lot of the end product is checked and approved by Quality Certificate for the product.

All raw materials used in production are in compliance with FAO/WHO EU, supported by Quality Certificates, MSDS and Sanitary Inspection of Ukraine Certificates.

Major part of raw materials is purchased at the leading manufacturers of Germany, Austria, Italy and so on. High-grade raw materials ensure the quality of end products.

Process of production at PIRANA factory combines up-to-date engineering capabilities, recent scientific developments and pollution-free raw materials usage