Brief summary:

Establishment date:
19th of October 1994
manufacturing of solutions for body and hair care, household chemicals, tooth pastes
Number of employees: 250
Territory of the enterprise: 1.2 ha
Industrial and office room area: 7147 m2

Enterprise characteristic:

The enterprise has started its operation in 1994 with production of limited shampoo lots by traditional Bulgarian recipes.

Today “Pirana” is the largest shampoo and other body and hair care products, tooth pastes and household chemicals.



The product line of the enterprise has more than 200 items. Still, new perspective product types are developed constantly, those products comply with market demands, the work is ongoing to improve the quality of manufactured products.



The enterprise has a closed manufacture cycle: from the development of product’s recipe and its implementation in production to realization through branching distribution network. Manufacture process combines contemporary technological base, novel scientific developments and usage of eco-friendly raw materials. Each active ingredient is introduced to recipes strictly in evidence-based dosages. All the enterprise’s products undergo strict toxicological assessment in specialized organizations of the Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine and careful laboratory control, which verify its high quality and harmlessness.