Pearl - pink

Antiyellow effect

For blonde and bleached hair

Use disposable gloves.

In the case of hair coloring for less than a week ago (if the color is not so washed out), apply a small amount of the mask to the hair washed with shampoo and dried with a towel, avoiding contact with the skin.

Spread the product smoohly along the length of the hair, you can comb it through.

Leave it on for 3-15 minutes, depending on the desired color intensity.

Rinse out with warm water without shampoo.

The masks of different shades can be mixed with each other. To reduce the color intensity of the color depositing mask, it can be mixed with “GLORI'S” Keratin Recovery Mask.

In case of more intensive washout of the color (hair coloring was more than a week ago), after shampooing and drying with a towel, avoiding contact with the skin, apply it strand by strand, as when coloring, on the hair and leave on for 30 minutes.

Afterwards, rinse out with warm water without using shampoo.

200 ml