Natural blondes are not so common these days. Mostly girls with blonde hair have achieved such a result through dyeing or bleaching. The shade of a natural blonde can be either cold or warm. Cool light shades are popular as well as warm colors.

There are 3 new shades of Super Blond collection have appeared in the Glori's color chart

1000 Super blonde natural

1001 Super blonde pearl –ash

1006 Super blonde pearl

Super blond hair dye features:

Up to 5 lightening levels

Use only on natural hair: light blonde, light brown, dark blonde or overgrown roots. For the entire length of previously colored hair, paint from the main Glori's color chart recommended, complying with the selected shade of Super Blonde

1000 – 10.0

1001 – 10.1  &  8.3

1006 – 10.6  &  9.1;

Not recommended for gray hair

For more intense lightening, highly recommended to keep the paint for 10 minutes longer than instruction indication, but in general not more than 50 minutes.