1001 Pearl-ash

Ash blond can be described as cool platinum. The shade is the most suitable white girls with light eye color.

Bright ash blondes have always been in fashion and attracted attention, but the popularity peak has been reached in 2019.

The cold pearl-ash shade looks gorgeous both on long hair and on short haircuts. This magnetically beautiful color attracts the eyes of others.

Has practically no analogue of a natural color, so it is not suitable for everyone. This dye is not recommended for hair with red, copper or yellow pigments.

Cold pearlescent-ash blond has a light and pure silver shade.

2        applications specification contains:

  • persistent cream hair color - 2 sachets * 25 ml
  • oxidizing emulsion - 2 sachets * 25 ml
  • hair mask - 2 sachets * 15 ml
  • disposable gloves
  • guideline
2 applications