1006 Pearl

Pearl blond refers to cold ash shades, which looks gorgeous with light skin type and blue or gray eyes. Pearl Blond is a coloration trend this season. Hair dyes with a pearl tone can be recommended to many blondes: shimmer effect, shine, expensive overflow, grooming and health.

Despite the fact that pearl blond refers to cold shades, it has a  perfect harmony with honey dark and light tones, as well as with red.

Pearl gives mystery, languor and nobility to the look. If you want to be a pearly blonde, be ready for increased male attention, increased self-esteem and 100% brightness. It can be afforded by a brave girl ready for adventure.

2        applications specification contains:

  • persistent cream hair color - 2 sachets * 25 ml
  • oxidizing emulsion - 2 sachets * 25 ml
  • hair mask - 2 sachets * 15 ml
  • disposable gloves
  • guideline
2 applications