Liquid washing agent For kids based on potassium soap

Each mother loves her baby and tries to protect them as much as she can. It is a usual thing for mother to grate baby soap and add it to the washing machine when washing kids’ clothes. But does that solve the issue of quality washing and is it adequate to use soap chips as washing agent in the automatic washing machines?

Experts of «Pirana» company have developed a liquid agent based on potassium soap for kids clothing washing. Green (potassium) soap is known for its high solubility, antimicrobial effect, lack of preserving agents and great washing effect, both in cold and hot water.

Liquid washing agent based on potassium soap is an effective and safe solution for daily washing kids’ clothes. Delicate formula of the agent was developed for soft kids’ skin and does not irritate it. Does not contain adverse components, such as enzymes, dyes, aromatic agents and bleachers. Soft formula preserves and softens tissue structure. The agent is intended for washing kids clothes made of cotton, flax, synthetic tissues, as well as tissues with mixed fibers. Environmentally harmless. Intended for manual and automatic washing in water of any hardness.

Shake before use!

1000 ml